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it all started here…

I grow up and studied in the Southern region of the Philippine Island, 5 hours away from Manila via private car. It was 6-7 hours land travel by bus during the 90’s, that is because the bus has a lot of stops to drop off and pick up the passengers.  It sometimes takes me


8 hours or more to reach home, depends with the condition of the road, you see the government I think tends to forget that there are roads to maintain in Southern Luzon other than Manila and Northern Luzon. I heard that Northern Luzons’ are well maintained since then because of the fact that most of the high ranking officials are from there. Traveling during the rainy season was and still is risky, especially if the roads are bad, quite bumpy and slippery. I love the rainy season though in spite and despite of the danger. I also experience hours and hours of traffic because of the feast (fiesta) in the barangays or town, May is the worst month to journey home. It is the month for fiesta in most places in the Philippines, we have this so called “Flores de Mayo”, the time when the lovely ladies of the town are elegantly parading in the streets wearing pretty gowns. It is nice to see them parading but hours stuck in traffic is kinda frustrating and tiring so locals usually avoid afternoon travel. I sometimes left home as early as 1 AM to avoid the traffic and to make sure I will have the seats behind the driver.


I studied and lived in Pasay City for a couple of years after graduating high school, my adventure outside my home town started here. I had the chance to visit Nasugbu Batangas with my cousin and friends during college, we catch the bus from Pasay but I can’t recall how long it took us to reach the house we stayed at. I still remember that I had a fever that evening after an afternoon swim in a nice beach, I was quite sickly when I was young and the fact that it was windy when we went to the beach add up, t’was cold that afternoon. Not much during college since I was in a hurry to get a job… school, home, school.. my life during college. I didn’t even get to see the infamous Manila Zoo that time, but at least I visited the “Nayong Pilipino (Philippine Village)” after a year of my stay there. 😊 Good enough for me, anyway.


Then I found a job in Laguna after the short-fun work in a clothing factory in Parañaque. I rented a room, then a house with a friend in Laguna for a year I believed, then decided to rent a house in Parañaque with my parents and siblings since most of them were working in Manila. I stayed with them a couple of years until I went to Dubai for a job.

I never dreamed of flying out of the country, but I have been thinking of living in some secluded spot in the Philippines. I even thought of volunteering in a charity mission to get away from the pressure in the city and at work. I’ve never gotten used to the life style of the city, probably because I’m blessed to grow up in a quiet and lovely town of Quezon province, and the fact that my father was quite protective.

I decided to leave my country for some personal reasons and the money is not included. My family were and is not rich, we just have enough to get by. We even had a hard time when my siblings and I were kids, the life is not easy for a family of seven but we are not the kind of family who craves for material things. We are simple minded and contented with what we have but I wanted to learn a lot of things, I’m probably the adventurous one in the family. I wanted to earn confidence, to see lovely places, to meet people from different cultures and languages, to eat unknown fruits and dishes… it is quite a long list of to do you see. ☺ Anyway, my protected and innocent life ends here and I embark to a fun and very challenging journey. It opens my eyes that the world is quite scary and I’m the only person who can protect myself from it since I’m far from the family. That a lot of things are happening, things that I can’t comprehend at times, unexpectedly it became part of the lifestyle of some people around me. Saddening but not my business isn’t it?! 😇

This is the end, and the beginning of the long journey away from home…

childhood memories..

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” -unknown

Whenever I am alone and busy doing something like cooking or working out in a gym, my mind slips back to my childhood days. The fun and carefree chapter of my life, where freedom had been generously spent with my siblings and cousins in the fields. No television, no playstation nor psp, no iPad nor iPod, no iPhone nor Blackberry; in other words, no gadgets to keep us away from playing Sipang Takraw, Jackstone, or Chinese Garter on weekdays after school. We are spending our weekends or summer at the gray shoreline of Pacific Ocean swimming and catching fish during high tide, and while low tide, we are picking clams and other seashells or catching baby octopus and crabs. It was another epic moment for me as we don’t use anything fancy to capture them. We normally catch the baby octopus and crabs with a fork from our kitchen utensils in our hands or just our bare hands. Sounds kind of silly, right? hahaha!!

Those were the days, the days that the mountains were lush green, the water in the river and the ocean were crystal clear. Oh well.. people are becoming greedy, they don’t see what the future would become if they continue misusing the natural resources. The future of their kids and for the next generation to come will be totally different from what we experienced. It is something that you can’t trade for anything.. the memories of your childhood. I am hoping that the residents to where I grow up will start caring, soon enough to restore the what used to be paradise for me.

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